Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reality hacking

By role playing highly effective people, participants might learn effective strategies, feel at first hand the knack of being effective, and actually become effective in their real daily lives. I think this encapsulates my thinking behind the ARGEF (Alternate Reality Games in Education Framework). I was blown away when I found Jane McGonigal articulating exactly this. Mobile is the enabling technology for reality hacking. You may want to watch Jane McGonigal talking about alternate reality gaming (19 minutes). If you'd like to experience a simple reality hack for yourself, here is one you can try any time: Breathe low down, from your diaphragm; focus on your breathing for a moment;  start smiling on exhalation; sense the change of mood that flows through you.

1 comment:

  1. Reality hacking is / was used like culture jamming to mean the subversion of media channels by anti-consumer groups. I'm using the phrase in a McGonigal-esque way to mean happiness engineering or reverse engineering your mood, and ultimately your life.