:: Make a 3D image


If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store and get 3D Camera.

If you're at all interested in this stuff then get the paid version right away, else there is a free version.

Follow the on-screen instructions:

  1. Shoot the LEFT image
  2. Move a little to the right
  3. Shoot the RIGHT image
  4. Tap drag to align
  5. Choose red/green or stereoscopic
  6. Share or save to device.


There is a plethora of apps, but the one we found to be best was Camera 3D - 3D Photo Maker. This is a straightforward app that does what it says on the tin. Simply follow your nose.

Digital Camera

The two apps above are the quick and easy way to create a 3D image, however if you want to go back to first principles (perhaps you feel your students will get more learning out of it that way) then use a digital camera and your favourite image editing software.

  1. Take the left photo
  2. Take the right photo
  3. Upload them into your laptop or desktop
  4. In your image editor combine the two pictures
  5. Save the image and view in a stereoscopic viewer.

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