Friday, June 27, 2014

Garden space

"The syllabus becomes a garden space, a context setting within which learning can happen and the curriculum is the things that grows there." Cormier So, #5DL has become my "garden space" and the stuff I'm aggregating now (ARRF) are the seeds that I hope will grow here. I think it maybe started (together with the ATC stuff) when I first saw fov2go out of USC's Institute for the Creative Arts; that's probably really where it began. I'm at home. I run the app on my iPhone 4 which rests in a viewer by Hasbro. I navigate this 90s-feel multimedia space in a way that I can see could be compelling. Friends and family experiencing it for the first time express wonder, and some confusion; need prompts. Soon become bored and put it down. Oculus Rift is taking off, and we're all watching that space like meerkats. That's sort of February through to June 2014.

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