Friday, June 20, 2014

Five dimensional learning

I've dubbed it #5DL, at least I think it's me... I haven't seen it anywhere else. It started with the ATC stuff. ATCs (air traffic controllers) operate in a four dimensional space of three dimensions (x+y+z) plus time (t). So I thought they should be learning in that space too. But then there's one more dimension... the meta layer. That provides the learner with orientation (where am I in this course?) timely feedback (how am I doing?) and a recommender system (what should I do next?). So that's the five dimensional learning model. The idea is that the meta layer should fly away when not wanted leaving the 4D environment in full screen mode. A button or a gesture recall the meta layer when needed. It's all built in html5, css3, and javascript... so no plugins.

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