Sunday, May 25, 2014

Extrinsic motivation

Worrying about gamification again, and remembering Knowles on motivation: "Adults respond better to internal versus external motivators." Looking at Kevin Werbach's framework there's a lot I can take from it and repurpose. How can I say that Boss Fights (against the clock multichoice tests), Collections (toolkits), Combat (simulations), Levels, Quests, and Teams are not useful components in course design? There's also the nagging question; is extrinsic motivation actually unethical?


  1. I have been reading Mike Mullane's book "Riding Rockets". It's a good read, heaps of fun, the adventures of a "right stuff" astronaut. But what's relevant to this conversation (conversation with myself) is the gold pin. Probationary astronauts had the right to a silver lapel badge, and only when they had flown 5 miles high did they gain the right to wear a gold pin. Mullane documents how he became obsessed with gaining his gold pin. There's a message in this that relates to badges, but I'm still thinking about exactly what that message is.

    1. Perhaps it's 'even grown men need tokens of their achievements'.